Shannon Moon

Shannon flying her DG-300

Shannon Moon is an autodidact that is passionately interested in Software Engineering, Affective Computing, Cognitive Psychology, Augmented Reality, Flight, Soaring,  Virtual Reality, Simulation, Google Glass, and the future of Wearable Technology.

She is a licensed aircraft pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land, Single Engine Sea, and Glider/Sailplane) and is also a H2 rated Hanglider pilot.

Shannon is a Doctoral Student in Computer Science, and a Principal Engineer at the Walt Disney Company, where she works with New and Emerging Technologies.  She holds a BSSE (Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering).  Shannon is a Harvard alumna, having earned a  Master of Arts in Information Management Systems from Harvard University. She also holds a number of software development industry certifications, (ITIL, PM, MCSD, MCSE, SCJP, etc.) .

Shannon also maintains a web presence at:

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Shannon Moon’s You Tube Channel
@shanmoon on Twitter

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